Friday, February 26, 2010

Virtually Wonderful Books

Many of you already know that I wrote and illustrated a children’s picture book called The One and Only Bernadette P. McMullen. It was published by Ferne Press and released in January. This book promotes appreciating who you are, as well as accepting others. A little about the book…

Does liking peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, or painting with your toes, or even having an imaginary friend make a person strange? That’s what kids say about Bernadette. But when Bernadette meets her neighbor, Sofie, she realizes that her uniqueness is nothing strange at all.

This book is a wonderful gift for all children and teachers. It is especially perfect for Ethiopian adopted children because it is about being proud of who you are. Also, the character of Sofie, was modeled after my Ethiopian born daughter. If you would like to purchase a signed of this book or want to learn more, go to my website:

Also, if you would like to purchase other wonderful books signed by authors with free giveaways each day, well, then I invite you to attend a wonderful “Virtual Book Fair” that will be going on February 26-28 (24 hours a day). To visit the Virtual Book Fair’s main portal, click on

Other great books to check out are Who I Am Not What I AM and 100% Real by Tara Michener. The first book promotes self-esteem and diversity in kids. Janelle, a fun girl who discovers the secret of happiness is loving herself for who she is, not for fitting into what others want her to be. In 100% Real, Zoey wonders what does it mean to be real after her classmates question her about being adopted. With the help of a close friend, she and her parents realize that she has more in common with her family than she thought.

These are just some of the books that will be sold at the Virtual Book Fair—a book fair that you don’t have to stand in line for or even get out of your pajamas to attend. So please spread the word! One last note: My give-a-ways include signed book marks, stretchy frogs, and frog-pencil toppers. Why frogs? It’s because readers will have fun finding Bernadette’s frog on every page of my book.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lazy Blogger!

It has been a long time since the last post and so much has happened but I notice that we are not the only ones who have become lazy in updating our blog after getting home with our children.

Well here is a summary of all that is new: We celebrated one year as a family just a few days after the children got to celebrate Christmas "American Style" for the first time. They loved it and Samson is still singing "Santa Claus is Coming To Town".... maybe we can milk this naughty or nice thing for a whole year instead of just the month before Christmas. We have a lot of great pics (especially of Samson dancing with his cousins during the annual Christmas Eve singalong) that I will have to post another time as they are not on this computer.

We also got to celebrate Genna (Ethiopian Christmas) with some Ethiopian blended families who live close to us and have been a wonderful support group through our whole process and transition. It had been a long time since we had seen these dear friends and we had a wonderful time. That night Sofie also got to go to her first sleepover courtesy of her two new best friends Isabela and Julia (Thanks Karen and Patrick it must have been a really long weekend for you guys!). She was nervous but had a wonderful time and is already planning the next sleepover to be held at our house.

Colleen's first book, "The One and Only Bernadette P. McMullen" that she wrote and illustrated, is also now finally out. You can check out her website:

We are so very proud of her!!! It was also great fun for Sofie to take it to school and show her friends that she was in a book... one of her teachers even read it to the entire fifth grade.

I will try to post more often in the future but will probably not keep that promise so you will just have to check back every few months for some updates and photos. I will post some more photos soon and am planning on making another onetruemedia montage as well.

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's about time!!!

It has been forever since our blog has been updated. Life has been very busy!!! At the end of the summer we went on a wonderful trip to Cape Hatteras, NC. We stayed in a great house on the beach with a pool. The kids never got out of the water the whole time.

Since school has started Sofie also started playing soccer. She has quickly become a great player and is even playing indoor now. She is getting all A's in school and is even reading at grade level only 10 months after first learning English. Samson is chatting away and truly does say the darnedest things. He is also growing very fast and loves to run. When we take a walk around our block (just short of a mile) he runs the whole way.

Colleen and I are up at Grand Traverse Resort right now. Last night she received an award from the Michigan principals association. She won a book writing contest and is having her book "Miss Martin is a Martian" published by Mackinac Island Press. This is actually her second book. Her first that she authored and illustrated, "The One and Only Bernadette P. McMullen", should be out this month. She also got hired to illustrate another author's book. I don't know where she finds the time or energy!